6 tips to add to College Freshman Orientation

Sharing a few more tips to prepare new students for college. The first step in our youngest son's journey toward his next step -- new student orientation at Central Michigan University. We checked this off the list this week. Attending the day-long event with Ryan allowed me to see things from the other side of... Continue Reading →

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5 Lessons teaching has taught me

I never imagined myself teaching. Little did I know how much I would love the opportunity and honor it is to positively impact the lives of so many young people. Here are 5 lessons teaching has taught me so far.

5 things to love about being snowed in

The polar vortex, along with record-breaking frigid temperatures have resulted in 10 snow days in the past two weeks. Stir crazy and cabin fever don't begin to describe the current situation. Being homebound does have its advantages though. The time indoors has allowed me to appreciate some of the true comforts of home.

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