I Voted – badge of pride

Starting several years ago, can’t say how many, upon submitting your voting ballot you received a sticker saying “I Voted”. A small, simple statement slapped onto your lapel allowing you to boldly show off the fact that you fulfilled your civic duty. Funny how long we’d wear this little sticker. I recall peeling it off when changing into pjs at end of the day.

Today after submitting my ballot I was given a sticker and I wore it proudly.  But this time, I also unlocked the “I Voted 2010” badge on #foursquare and “liked” the “Vote button on Facebook announcing the fact that I voted in the election.

I see these badges and buttons as the new version of that small, simple “I Voted” sticker … each providing that same chance to boldly show off the fact that you’ve fulfilled your duty as a U.S. citizen.

I wore each of these proudly today (and even slapped an “I Voted” sticker on my youngest son who joined me in voting booth). How did you show off fulfilling your civic duty today?


2 thoughts on “I Voted – badge of pride

  1. Great writing and thought provoking Kathy! Unfortunately I did nothing other than vote. I even missed out on the sticker, they didn’t offer one. My husband got one though so I know they exist 🙂

    Wonder what I could have done to encourage others but for me the self satisfaction of completing my civic duty is enough.

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