Figured it out – Ahhh ha moment

So, I’ve been contemplating this blog & trying to figure out what I have to say that’d be of any value to anyone. In my quest, recently attended Social Media Club of Great Lakes Region and had an “ah ha” moment. Blogger Becks Davis suggested … in deciding what/who you want to be in the blogsphere to consider what you’re passionate about. Got me thinking … & made me realize the obvious. I am passionate about mid-Michigan and all the great things happening throughoiut the region, which is exactly what we dig up and publish every other Wednesday in

You could call it a “duh” moment. But, I got goose bumbs, so I know it was right. So, going forward … you can expect posts on the innovative stuff being done by creative people in and aroud mid-Mich.

This week in particular, I’ve met a handful of people who are invovled in all kinds of cool and interesting things. Rest assured I’ll be sharing their stories … and the stories of many others I encounter every single day.

If you encounter interesting peole doing innovative, interesting things in mid-Mich, please let me know. I’d love to share their stories.


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