Stories tell it best

I should start by saying I’m a sucker for stories. I’m a firm believer in the fact that everybody has a story. And, I love reading, listening and telling stories. So, my recent discovery of a couple universities that have launched efforts to collect stories from their alumni, well I have to admit, I find it kind of intriguing.

Recently, in catching up with PR friend Mike Silverthorn, I was introduced to Alma College’s “My Experience” project. Recognizing that the best way to showcase the best of itself, Alma is asking students and alumni to share in their own words what it’s like to earn a degree at Alma. The initiative is in its early stages and not yet widely promoted, but so far there are nearly a dozen stories collected on Alma’s website. Student and alumni stories are told in a collection of photos and videos. Very effective and compelling, if you ask me. Mike says they plan to continue adding to the collection of personal experiences, so stay tuned.

Driving down US 127 toward E. Lansing, which I’ve been doing fairly frequently with a daughter who’s a sophmore at MSU, I’ve seen a billboard saying “Everyone has a saga” and suggesting Spartans “share their saga”. It caught my attention and I couldn’t help but wonder what this Spartan saga thing was all about. What it is is pretty cool. MSU is collecting the stories of Spartans — alumni, students, faculty and staff. The Spartans Saga site is a few steps further along than Alma College. They’ve gathered hundreds of sagas and have a page dedicated to nominating Spartans for the university to get in touch to tell their saga. Told through video, photos and words, the collection of stories are real words from real people, all of whom share a love for the place where they got their start … @ MSU. I’m looking forward to reading, listening and sharing these stories!


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