March is reading month – are you reading?

March is National Reading Month. Kicked off every year on March 2, the birthday of beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss.  I’m reminded of the month-long celebration every year when receiving an invitation to be a Guest Reader in my youngest son’s classroom.

Read Across America - National Reading Month

The past two years, this opportunity has actually fallen on my birthday. Can’t think of a better birthday gift than the chance share some of our favorite family story books with  a class-full of elementary kids. The exercise of selecting which books to read to the class is always fun. We dig under my son’s bed, where he stuffs all of his books and lots of other stuff, and cull through  a pile of books to find our favorites. This year my son Ryan selected two of his most beloved titles. One a repeat and one brand new to even me. Probably should’ve previewed the new one, “It All Began with a Bean.”  If I’d thought about it for a minute, I might have made the connection to what exactly results from ingesting beans with the storyline. Thankfully, Ryan’s 4th grade teacher was a trooper as the story unfolded about how an entire town “farted”.

The second favorite book was one I’d shared last year with Ryan’s third grade class. But, in taking a vote, the kids wanted to hear it again. “Willow” is the story of a creative young girl who inspired an art teacher to bust out of her boxed-in self and embrace her creative spirit.

Reading to an attentive class of fourth graders reminded me of how much we all love a good story. And, reading National Reading Month is the perfect chance to enjoy a good story.

Reading month has also caused me to consider the importance of reading as it relates to being a writer. I read a guest blog on the Blogging Bookshelf site by Paul Wolfe of One Spoon at a Time blog talking about how important it is for writers to read; pointing out that “you should read between ten and fifty times the amount you write.”

I tend to agree, the more you read the more you know and the more you know the better you can write. So, if you’re a writer … what are you reading? It’s National Reading Month … get reading!!!

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