My favorite things = clearance tags

I caught a segment on Good Morning America today that reminded me of  one of my favorite things, which in turn reminded me that I have not done another “favorite things” post in awhile. The GMA piece was all about getting the best deal. A group of mom’s were given $50 and challenged to make the most of their money at a huge consignment sale — it’s the Just Between Friends Sale in Mesquite, Texas, a monster-size sale/convention where thousands of moms grab bargains on gently used maternity, baby and kids items. The featured moms were very successful on their missions. They scooped up amazing savings on a jogging stroller, toys and and designer label clothes.

This feature struck a cord due to my love for a great deal. As an avid shopper, I’m a big fan of sales, particularly clearance sales. The sight of bright organge, yellow or red stickers causes me to raise an eyebrow everytime. Admittedly, purchases bearing these tags may not always fall under “need” — but instead the “too good to pass up” category.

Unfortunately, my husband has never truly appreciated the savings and value that comes from my relentless pursuit of clearance sales. But, I am happy to report both daughters have been well-schooled in the art of bargain shopping. The lessons learned are confirmed during every shopping trip as both girls regularly puruse the sale racks. They’ve come to realize how far their shopping dollars stretch with mark downs. I couldn’t be more proud!

In my years of experience scouring clearance racks, here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way …

Tip #1 – Everything goes on sale, eventually! Patience pays off in sale shopping. If it’s an item you really want, keep a close eye on it at the store and online.

Tip #2 – End of season offers best deals. As seasons change, retailers are quick to rid their shelves and racks of last seasons merchandise. And, the changeover in retail seems to happen much faster than the season itself. Long before the snow melts stores are slapping sale stickers on cold weather merchandise. In mid-February a trip to Meijer landed a steal on scarves and a sweet pair of leather gloves, each item priced $2-$5. Could not pass up that deal, now could  I?

Tip #3 -Stock up when the deal is sweet. This is especially a good tip on items you use regularly. Recently found our favorite fabric softener on sale on local grocery store for $1.99. I bought 10 bottles. Guess we won’t need to put fabric softner on  list for awhile.

Tip #4 – Go to clearance racks first. Be on the lookout for signs, tags and stickers showcasing slashed prices. Keep an eye out for brightly colored tags … flourescent orange, yellow, green or red. Once clued in, you can’t miss them.

I’m anxious to hear your tips on sale shopping. Always eager to learn how get even better deals. Please share.

3 thoughts on “My favorite things = clearance tags”

  1. I love, love, love shopping the clearance rack. As for getting new mileage out of old favorites, I highly suggest a seam ripper and a sewing machine.

    One of my biggest money saving tips is to start your Christmas shopping early. When I say early I mean August or so. The earliest I’ve started is June. If you see something on a great sale that someone on your list would enjoy just pick it up right away instead of waiting for the snow to fall. Designate a little corner of your home as the “Christmas Parking Lot” and keep everything there until you need it. That way you save money, spread out your spending, and by the time the holidays actually roll around you’ll be nearly done. Plus you’ll have more time to spend with your friends and family if you don’t have to worry about last minute shopping!

  2. Good reminder! I’ve also been hearing a lot lately about Power Couponing! In fact, I saw a commercial recently for a reality show with people using coupons, shopping for various items and getting $200 worth of products for like $16. That might make for a good blog entry, too!

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