Are you engaging your customers/donors through Facebook?

One of the most common questions I hear from small businesses and non-profits these days is “we started a Facebook page, now what?” Launching a Facebook page is easy, using it to grow your business, expand your donor base or further your cause is a bit more challenging.

The key to doing all of the above is engaging your audience. This involves providing them with something worthwhile in posts. In the online world there’s nothing more valuable than a story.

Engaging your audience starts with telling stories. Are you telling your stories? This process and the value of storytelling is best explained by blogger Jay Baer. He talks about harvesting stories and how doing so humanizes your organization. He is right.

“It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you have interesting stories to tell. Finding and sharing them is the first step toward social media success” explained Baer in a recent post on his blog – Convince & Convert

Baer calls it humanizing, I’ve always called it “peoplizing” Stories of the folks involved in your company or organization. Whether they’re customers, employees, donors, members or volunteers, they all have stories. You just have to ask and they will tell. Sharing these stories with your Facebook friends develops a connection. That connection encourages sales and motivates involvement in your organization. After all, don’t we all prefer buying from and being involved with people we know and trust?

So how do you harvest these stories and condense them to share in the limited 420 characters allowed in Facebook posts? Start by asking. Questions can boost engagement, likes, and shares? Ask some of the following questions and you’ll be surprised at the interaction it will generate.

What brought you here?

Asking this question will generate responses about what your organization means to them, why they dedicate time and energy to your cause. Customers will likely share thoughts about what they love about your businesss. All of which generates conversation and gives you good story-like posts to share via Facebook.

What keeps you coming back?

This question can be asked of customers, volunteers of employees. All of them will have unique comments about why they choose to continue to patronize/support your business or organization. This is definitely worth sharing via Facebook!

What’s your favorite … ?

Asking this question conjuers up thoughts and memories of the best of times spent with your business or organization. Favorite experiences are the best stories to share through social media; they tend to generate additional comments and conversations from others about their favorite expereinces, too.

These questions will get you started harvesting  stories you can share through Facebook. I’d be interested in hearing about companies/organizations doing a good job of gathering and sharing stories and successfully engaging customers/donors as a result.

And, if you implement any of these harvesting strategies, let me know how it works for you.


2 thoughts on “Are you engaging your customers/donors through Facebook?

  1. Thanks so for such a great post Kathy! These are such great tips for making a Facebook page engaging. I’ll definitely be implementing some of these on mine. 🙂

    • Happy to hear from you Kati. I’ve always been big fan of stories … I love reading them & telling them. I’ll be eager to hear how storytelling goes on your FB site. Keep me posted.

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