Nearly one in every five American adult cellphone owners uses the app (18%).

Let that sink in for a moment. Go ask five random people with cellphones (so pretty much anybody, considering 91% of American adults own a cellphone), and at least one of them is likely to say they use Instagram. That’s an absolutely mind-boggling penetration rate for a single app that doesn’t come pre-installed on the vast majority of devices.

TIME’s Techland reports on the latest data from the Pew Research Center on photo and video sharing.  (via pewresearch)

Instagram rules!!


The Good Idea Exchange: Leadership 24/7/365


Everyone assumes leadership is what happens in crucial moments. It’s what happens when everyone’s eyes and ears are fixed on you. It’s what happens when you’re called to accomplish heroic feats that become your life’s most memorable moments.

Not often.

Leadership happens when no one’s looking…

The Good Idea Exchange: Leadership 24/7/365