In order to make it, you have to be really ambitious. Talent without ambition is nothing; you have to drive yourself to make things. And it’s the same thing with creativity: if you have a lot of ambition without creativity, you might not go anywhere.

Via Cartoon Network’s VP of Creative Design Jacob Escobedo (via creativesomething)

Exactly – ambition without creativity = nothin


(Some of) What I Learned From My Years on NPR’s Social Media Desk


Monday starts a new road for me at NPR. After several great years, I’m leaving the Social Media Desk and moving on to work in Business Partnerships. I am proud to leave the social media desk in the more-than-capable hands of Wright Bryan and Melody Kramer, not to mention the hundreds of…

Spot on about social media!

(Some of) What I Learned From My Years on NPR’s Social Media Desk


Three ‘concrete’ steps to add more creative people to my life


Surrounding myself with more creative people in 2014 is my personal priority. But it’s not something I plan to keep to myself. My plan, in drawing more creative folks into my life, is to share those I encounter and the inspiration I receive from them with as many people as I can.

As for some “concrete steps” to go about achieving this goal (thanks for the coaxing blogger Colleen Newvine Tebeau) I will seek to connect with creatives regularly in the following ways…

  • In conversation – face-to-face is my preference, so whenever possible I’ll opt for lunch or a drink. However, the luxury of the internet and social media also provides opportunity for conversation of a different sort.
  • Through reading – much inspiration can be gained by reading and/or following of favorite writers, bloggers, columnists. I have a handful on my preferred list. I will follow them more diligently and provide comments in hopes of generating conversation and ultimately a relationship.
  • From writing – this will allow me to introduce the creative people I meet and share the inspiration I gain. I’d hate to be selfish. My hope is you gain some inspiration, too.

Stay tuned. Creativity and inspiration on the way.

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New Year’s priority vs. resolution


Everyone is setting New Year’s resolutions to kick off the year. My newsfeed and inbox are filled with promises being made today. I’m not a big resolution-maker. I tend to be more of a dive-in-and-do-it type. Reading lists of what folks are setting out to accomplish this year has prompted some thoughts of what’s ahead in 2014. Rather than a list, I’m opting to establish a priority.

Fellow CMU Chippewa, blogger Colleen Newvine Tebeau described a priority she set last year in her post about New Year’s resolutions – What’s your plan  for success in 2014?  Her goal to draw more creative people to her resonated with me. “I love spending time with people who are excitedly pursuing their dreams so I want to find ways to do more of that” — I agree wholeheartedly with Colleen’s reasoning and I’d add … I find spending time with creative people is inspiring.

I’ve decided to select this goal as mine for 2014. (Thanks for the inspiration Colleen.) Surrounding myself with more creative types can happen in various ways these days with the web and social media. I look forward to in-person meet ups, online chats, calls and the collaborative efforts that may evolve.

I’m eager for the inspiring to begin. Welcome 2014.