Who’s Kathy?

This blog is a collection of thoughts, ideas, brainstorms & favorite things I encounter on a regular basis while wearing the numerous hats I do throughout my everyday life. You may catch me speaking from the point of view of a mom of four kids, ranging in age from 13 to 23. A wife, married to best guy in the world for 25 fabulous years. A dog lover & owner of golden retriever – Sunny and recent addition Lacy a yorkie/shih tzu. A Public Relations practitioner and writer. A business owner – founder of Backus PR, Inc.  A proud mid-Michigander & big fan of shopping/supporting local businesses. A social media addict (seriously, my husband says I’m obsessed!) These are just some of the main hats I put on/take off on daily basis.

I intend to share stories of the people, places & things I encounter. You may notice a positive slant to most postings, admittedly I tend to see things as half-full. Can’t promise I won’t rant every so often, but I vow to keep those type of postings to a minimum. I look forward to engaging your thoughts, comments & ideas, as well. So, please feel free to chime in anytime.


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