Three ‘concrete’ steps to add more creative people to my life


Surrounding myself with more creative people in 2014 is my personal priority. But it’s not something I plan to keep to myself. My plan, in drawing more creative folks into my life, is to share those I encounter and the inspiration I receive from them with as many people as I can.

As for some “concrete steps” to go about achieving this goal (thanks for the coaxing blogger Colleen Newvine Tebeau) I will seek to connect with creatives regularly in the following ways…

  • In conversation – face-to-face is my preference, so whenever possible I’ll opt for lunch or a drink. However, the luxury of the internet and social media also provides opportunity for conversation of a different sort.
  • Through reading – much inspiration can be gained by reading and/or following of favorite writers, bloggers, columnists. I have a handful on my preferred list. I will follow them more diligently and provide comments in hopes of generating conversation and ultimately a relationship.
  • From writing – this will allow me to introduce the creative people I meet and share the inspiration I gain. I’d hate to be selfish. My hope is you gain some inspiration, too.

Stay tuned. Creativity and inspiration on the way.